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Michelle Mahrer is an experienced movement facilitator and film maker based in Sydney Australia. She is passionate about the healing power of dance and how dance can catalyse deep change and transformation. She has a Diploma in Dance Movement Therapy from the International Institute of Dance Therapy in Australia and is an accredited teacher of Gabrielle Roth 5 rhythms movement method. She is an accomplished film maker of dance and has had an extensive international career creating numerous award winning documentaries and short films about dance including the award winning documentary “Dances of Ecstasy” (with Nicole Ma) which explores the ecstatic experience through dance, rhythm and music. Michelle has directed all of Gabrielle Roth’s teaching videos including The Wave and Power Wave. Michelle offers weekly classes in 5 Rhythms Dance and workshops in 5Rhythms Dance and Dance Movement Therapy. She leads dance movement sessions for seniors and elderly with dementia. Michelle also produces and facilitates community dance events bringing people together to celebrate our common humanity through dance and music. She toured USA and Israel screening “Dances of Ecstasy” followed by dance events using the film as an inspirational tool. Michelle is available to lead groups as well as private sessions.

“I have danced all my life. As a child I studied ballet for many years, and then became a filmmaker moving to New York in the late 80’s. While working as a director of music video, at the same time I began to learn a whole new way of moving studying with teachers from the post modern dance world including Nancy Topff and Eva Karzcag, a Sufi master Adnan Sarhan and then later Gabrielle Roth. I learnt how to let go of structure and form, to relax the mind and allow the inner dance to unfold, opening to the dance of my soul. I felt a direct experience of being connected to a greater dimension that is completely infinite, mysterious and vast - a direct connection with a divine presence from within. When I connect with that divine presence, I am often filled with an intense illumination and light, flooded with energy and vitality that seems to come from a deep inner place. I am no longer dancing but being danced. All religions and spiritual traditions believe we all have aspects of the divine with us. When we can connect with that divine presence through the dance, it brings us into a unified field of energy, which has the power to heal many blocks within the body, mind, spirit and soul. This style of free form dance is often called “ecstatic dance” because it brings us into an experience of oneness and deep connection with everything in the universe. It is not an out of body experience but rather a deeply embodied experience of pure presence, clarity and bliss.”
Michelle Mahrer


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