Dance Movement Therapy

 “Throughout history people have always searched for ways to take us out of our mundane reality, through prayer, meditation and always through dance, In ancient times dance was used for the same purpose we now use counselling or psychotherapy making the unknown knowable. Dance was the way in which people made sense of the world.” Dr Marcia Leventhal Dance Therapist

Dance movement therapy is a wholistic model that sees an inter relationship between the mind body and spirit. Dance and music have always been an integral part of human life. In ancient cultures dance was the way people came together for ritual, socialization, celebration, and healing. Disease was seen, as a loss of soul and dance was an integral part of the healing process. When our soul and spirit is engaged we move into a larger dimension of ourselves, there is a sense of wholeness, fullness and expansion. When we move into this expanded self - a place where mind, body and spirit are unified, we move outside our regular body boundaries of self and healing can happen. Healing means “to become whole” – bringing all the various fragmented parts of ourselves into alignment. Dance movement has enormous potential to facilitate healing.

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” Albert Szent-Gyorgy Nobel Laureate in medicine.

Dance therapy uses movement and dance to guide participants to open to their own authentic way of moving, moving beyond the mind, personality and ego, opening to the dance of the soul. When we open to our own authentic way of moving, we begin to let go of tension, holding and armoring, opening to the space within. We may discover and access parts of ourselves that are hidden, blocked, unexpressed or repressed.  Once brought to light through the dance, these parts can be transformed and healed by giving them form through the dance, and being witnessed by another.

My workshops are an integration of 5Rhythms Dance and Dance Movement Therapy
working with free form dance, authentic movement, witnessing, and drawing, to reconnect with our soul, inviting spiritual, emotional, and physical renewal. Authentic movement is a powerful therapeutic movement process where we move in the presence of a witness dropping into a deep space of connection with our deepest essence. When we are witnessed moving in an authentic way we have the opportunity of being seen as we are, without any of the masks we wear in everyday life - a powerful healing tool.

Testimonials - Workshops

“I want to thank you so much for creating and holding such beautiful space. It has been many years since I felt so free in body, to express emotion, move and release. I have been feeling a strong desire to dance, but couldn't seem to find a way where I felt safe and supported. There is immense healing available in dance - I feel I have only scratched the surface. I am so inspired; it was wonderful to share the day with you and the other beautiful participants.” Kathryn

“Again thank you Michelle, for the beautiful strength and sound place that you offer your work from. You enrich and allow space for us all to grow and discover.” Genevieve

“A deeply held safe invitation to flow with what was present within my body and allowing that place in me to form an intentional prayer which I was then able to integrate and embody through art, being witnessed, sharing and movement... I found a place within myself that other dances don't provide the space for me to access... the space was filled with healing energy from the moment I walked in the door and it wasn't long before tears of self discovery began to emerge... thank you.” Stacia

“What a rich day. I felt filled, felt like spring-cleaning my soul.” Trace

“I came away feeling whole, alive and very satisfied and confirmed in the belief in dance as a very important part of my well being.” Ruth

“I enjoyed the chance to connect deeply with myself and to find blissful peacefulness inside.” Paul

"Michelle has a unique way of creating a safe & sacred dance space for everyone. The workshop was an uplifting, grounding and reconnecting experience all in one."  Jenny


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